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Welcome To Frugal Usenet!

Greetings fellow Usenet afficionados, and welcome to Frugal Usenet. What does Frugal Usenet mean you ask? Well...errr...Cheap Usenet Accounts is what it means, we were just trying to sound all high class and stuff. Please read on....

Here at Frugal Usenet, we have a mind numbing 2(!) account options that you can choose from. $4.99/month or $50/year with UNLIMITED access! Included in this sweet deal are some pretty nifty features...

  • A whopping and earth shattering 1,600 Days of retention! Sure others have higher, but hey, they are also more than twice the price of us and like our old high school girlfriends used to tell us, size does not matter. Give our FAQ pages a look if you need higher retention.
  • Access to 3 servers! 1 US & 2 EU servers so you can choose whichever server will give you the best speeds! Woo-Hoo!
  • Sign up today and we will throw in Free SSL....well okay, you can sign up tomorrow and it will still be free but we would really like it if you signed up today.
  • Every now and then a non-spam message is found on Usenet...maybe it can be yours! Posting is included.
  • 50 connections so you can get your usenet high that much quicker

So that is our simple service in a nut shell. No huge upfront costs, no contracts, no first born children. Just a low cost Usenet account that you will not find anywhere else.

Frugal Usenet Brought To You By BlockNews & UsenetNow!

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