How can I contact you to get help or send love notes?

With our crazy prices, support is limited! It isn't that we do not want to talk to you, it is just...well....with our low prices we had to skimp on something, ya know? Read over these FAQs below as your question will hopefully be answered.

If you have billing problems or something that isn't answered here, please email us

We will get to it as soon as we can, unless we are down at the local bar or playing this case it will take a bit longer to reply.

Why is your retention so crappy? Can I get articles higher than 2,000 days?

Well hey, we need to keep prices low somehow! Don't worry, 2,000 days or less is the sweet spot and is the majority of all usenet traffic. Our "Bonus" server may have posts up to 3,000 days. Add a block account into your newsreader as a "backup only" account and you will be able to get your 2,000+ day articles anytime you need to! We hear has just what you need. 😉

What are the addresses of the news servers?

Throw into your newsreader and you will be up and running in no time.

You may also use or

***Our "Bonus" server can be added as a backup server to the above servers using the address***

Since we are soooo cool, you can also connect to us via IPv6 if your newsreader and ISP gets with the times and supports it. Addresses are:

My ISP is junk and I need alternate ports, what are they?

You can use any of the following ports: 20, 23, 53, 119, 443, 2000, 8080, 9000, 9001, 9002

"Bonus" server ports are: 80 or 119

How do I connect using SSL?

Well, you need an SSL capable newsreader. Enable SSL by following your newsreader instructions. You may use either port 563 or 5563.

"Bonus" server SSL ports are: 443 or 563

Are there any download limits?

The "Bonus" server has a download limit of 1 TB (1,024 GBs) per calender month.

How can I post awesome things to Usenet?

Use your favorite Usenet posting program, the server address is still the same;

Will you refund my money to me for any reason?

Normally we won't because we probably already spent it on things that will harm our health, but if things are really messed up, we can work something out. We are reasonable people.

Will you record or monitor all the secret things I do on Usenet?

Oh heck no.

Will my account automatically re-bill each and every month or year?

Yup, if you choose one of our subscription based product you will get rebilled every month or every year, depending on the option you choose. If it gets to be to much though, you can sign into your paypal account and cancel. If you wish to have just 1 month or year at a time, with no rebilling, please choose that product.

Do you offer anything besides Usenet access


No way. Unlike the others, we are not going to inflate our prices real high to offer something no one will have interest in anyways.

Do you limit how fast I can download my news from you?

Nope, the only limit is that little modem of yours.

How come I can not max out my 10 gigabit internet connection?

There is way to many variables that will affect speed. What you get with us using up to 100 combined connections is usually what you can expect to get all the time...unless we broke something but that will always get fixed ASAP.

Can I share my account with all my friends and the entire dorm at the local univiersity?

No. Nope. No way. Absolutely not. We don't like sharing anything. While you can not share with your friends, why not tell them about us and our great prices?

I see, does that mean I can share my account?

Look at question 13! Also, when the system detects sharing you will be locked out for an hour.